Hello World

Welcome to Algorich

Who Are We

A small group of talented individuals set out to create an impact.

Our Mission

Spread happiness through technology by bringing ideas into life and by solving problems.

What We Do

We solve your problems and make your life easy by developing solutions that matter.

Our history

Algorich.co was formed in 2018 after a few techies decided to move to the next phase, to do what we do best and spread happiness at the same time. From game development to Mobile Apps, we love what we do and we take great pride in it.

Our 6-D process



We assess your problem for better understanding and define a strategy to best help you solve your problems



After assessing your problem, we perform a requirement analysis and document your requirements accordingly.



After which, we create mock-ups designs for your approval and we do it in iterations, after all your satisfaction is our first priority.



Once the designs are approved, we move on to developing and rest assured, we offer the best quality because you deserve the best.



Then we deploy your solution, mostly into cloud platforms, varying on your requirements. Again, we consider you through out our life-cycle.



After the project is delivered, we provide support for as long you want. We have very affordable yearly plans that would definitely suit your needs and budget.

Why choose us?

We go above and beyond for that relief on your face. We are perfectionists and we never compromise on quality.

We are always here for you, we work day and night to make sure you live a happy life and when the need rises we also give in our weekends and vacations too.

We believe in results and client satisfaction is always our first priority, we would always go that extra mile for you.

When we say we give you the best, we mean it. Our list of satisfied clients, speak for it. When working on your project, we offer the best and the most feasible technology stack according to your needs.

Our team consists of highly talented and motivated individuals with open source contributions and real world projects that are solving problems.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Bring us your idea, we will help you refine it and make it achievable and marketable. Luckily, we are just a phone call away.